Trainer, Presenter
  • Present and train in 3 languages: English, Spanish and Albanian

  • Create engaging and interactive presentations with participation of audience/ classroom

    • online surveys​

    • group or team quizzes/ game format (both for formative and summative assessments)

  • Create training materials​

    • printed presentations​

    • videos (with subtitles for non-major language group or hard of hearing)

    • online collaboration site (website, Google site, Google Classroom, Sharepoint)​

Click on the "Video Demo" to view an example of interactive integrated learning opportunities.

Project Management
  • PMP Training

  • managed multiple concurrent projects with multi-location rollouts, multi-language audience

  • visually (physical boards and electronic sheets) manage progress towards goals, milestones, resolution of issues

Computer skills
  • 8 years of professional computer programming as Systems Analyst/ Developer and Lead Member of Technical Staff

  • Microsoft Suite of Applications: highly skilled

    • Word​: table of contents, footnotes, language formats, revision/ tracking, multimedia, macros, etc.

    • Excel: VLOOKUP, IF, IS, VBA, Pivot Tables/ Charts, multi-sheets on Sharepoint/ network, Conditional Formatting, etc.

    • Visio: e-VSM, create: VSM, org-chart, floor plan, network diagram; A3 templates, etc.

    • Powerpoint: Template (Slide Master), animation, multimedia, hyperlinks, Clip Art/ Word Art, Notes, etc.

    • Access: table, design, forms, Macros, VB (functions, procedures), Splash Screen/ Switchboard, etc.

    • Outlook: multi-accounts, rules, documents attached or linked, Calendars, Meetings,, etc.

    • Publisher: Newsletters, pamphlets, tri-folds, objects from other applications, etc.

  • Google Apps: able to reproduce functionality of key MS applications

    • Docs, Sheets, Gmail​

    • Drive​: create folders & files, share, give rights, transfer documents, etc.

    • Forms: create, publish & analyze form (survey), import into Excel/ Google Sheets, etc.

    • Sites: site creation and admin, management of files,  Gadgets, collaborative area, etc.

    • Classroom: site creation and admin, enroll students or course participants/ trainess in training progam; test, assignments, grading, etc.

  • Other applications

    • SharePoint: site creation and admin, management of files, linked Excel docs from 25 locations for Instant Visual Reporting, etc.

    • Open Project (PM): Project Management open-source; Gantt chart, tasks, dependencies, resources, constraints, etc.

    • web-site builder, templates.   I initially built this site 24 hours after visiting for the first time.

    • Linux Mint - Linux Operating System: I just started exploring this OS on Feb 2018 and am transferring all Windows functionality to this OS.

    • LibreOffice: Complete Office Suite (equivalent to MS Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access)

    • Kahoot!: Create own online quizzes accessible through mobile, interactive training, presentations, meetings

    • Prezi: online presentation platform, animations, multimedia, etc.

  • English and Spanish - bilingual (C1 level)

  • Albanian - fluent​ (B1-B2 level spoken; A1-A2 level written)
  • French - basic beginner (A1-A2 level)

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